RRP £299.99
Available from Baby’s Mart

+ Awesome dual-mode function, good construction
- Can be awkward to switch modes, very large

Sprogzilla slept during his early months in a lovely cosleeper crib made by Troll. We were very sad when he outgrew it, so were thrilled to find that Troll make a full-size cot version. Though we already had a cotbed for him, we decided to invest in one as I found it too cramped having him directly in bed with me and he likes to cosleep at least half the night.

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The cot was promptly delivered by Express Yourself Mums, from whom we had also bought the cosleeper crib. Unfortunately, they no longer appear to stock it and the only retailer in the UK that does is Baby’s Mart who offer it for just shy of £300 – fifty quid more than I bought mine for.

I’d also like to point out that cot is apparently very similar to the Brio / Global Bedside cot which has been discontinued but remains extremely popular among those who can find it.

OK then, onto the review. The cot is a sturdy, chunky design made from birchwood and is quite imposing. It’s extremely tall and really does take over the room. However, the height is necessary as the base is adjustable and on its highest setting the sides must still be able to contain a toddler safely.

As a regular cot, it functions perfectly well. Despite the height, the dropside makes it easy to pop your child in and out. Having the base elevated to one of the higher positions would also be beneficial to parents suffering from a bad back.

The primary purpose of this cot though is as a cosleeper that can be side-carred onto the adult bed. In this regard, it excels beautifully. The dropside is lifted up and pushed via a rail over the cot, rather like an up-and-over garage door except it continues on down the other side.

It is necessary to pull the mattress forward slightly to enable the dropside to fit snugly down the back. This gives the added benefit of covering up the gap the dropside leaves behind so there is perfect alignment with the adult bed.

The cot has lockable wheels, so you can easily move it away from the adult bed when you’re done using it. This is very handy if you prefer your child to spend some of the night using it as a regular cot and then want to switch to cosleeping.

The base has 12 height positions, ensuring a good match for most adult beds. Sprogzilla’s cot is on the highest setting and it is a couple of centimetres shorter than our mattress, but we do have a particularly high bed. This is not a problem anyway as Sprogzilla can easily move between our bed and his when he wants, in fact the slight mismatch stops him from constantly rolling into our bed.

Unfortunately, because you need to shift the mattress slightly, it’s not ideal to switch modes while your child is sleeping in the cot. I guess it depends how sensitive your little one is to a bit of noise and movement while asleep. You may also not be able to flip the dropside over if your child isn’t right in the centre of the cot.

Although this is a lovely cot, there are a few cons to consider:

  • It is a pain to assemble. You will need two people, trust me. The instructions are rubbish too.
  • If you switch between using it as a regular cot and a cosleeper regularly, you will find it annoying having to remove any attached toys, cot mobiles, bumpers etc. The up-and-over dropside requires plenty of clearance.
  • This may be an isolated fault, but I find a couple of the wheels unlock if you apply a bit of pressure to the cot. This often happens whilst I’m nursing Sprogzilla and I accidentally lean against the side to get really close to him.

After six weeks use, a particularly thin part of the wooden base split where there was a knot in the wood. This is not something to be concerned about, there is natural variation in the wood and I was just unlucky enough to get a dodgy bit in a sensitive place. I was advised by Express Yourself Mums to contact Troll directly, they were very helpful and sent me a replacement base within a week. In the meantime, I had to use some thick books to prop up that part of the cot!

Despite the few negatives, I absolutely love this cot and feel it was worth every penny. I love sleeping next to my little guy and it gives great peace of mind to know he is secure and has plenty of room while still being close to mummy.

£300 is a lot of money to spend on a cot, so if your budget is smaller try this alternative from Mothercare. It doesn’t look as safe for toddlers when at the higher setting, but bear in mind I’ve never seen one in the flesh and it may be more adjustable than it appears.

The full-size Arms Reach Cosleeper is a very popular option, but they are difficult to find in the UK as the distributor has stopped… errr… distributing them here. They command a fair price used on eBay so you may not get a great deal if you find one. However, they are not really suitable for toddlers.

If you’re really strapped for cash, but still want to cosleep, you can sidecar an existing cot with a few simple adjustments. Dr Momma has a fabulous article on how to do it safely without breaking the bank.

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