I’ve been wanting to find a way to give some love to other blogs that I read, so I’ve decided to make a weekly post highlighting some of my favourite articles discovered over the previous seven days. These links tie-in with my #ff choices on Twitter, which is why I’ve decided to post them on a Friday.

If you like what you read, please leave the blog owners a little comment. :)

Twitter is like…. @ Dorkymum
Twitter is a tough cookie to explain, especially to those new to social networking. This is probably the best analogy I’ve ever read and if you don’t understand Twitter afterwards, then I fear you never will.

Boys have long hair too @ Sarah, Mum of 3
I love Sprogzilla’s beautiful hair and I’m not alone thinking long locks are just as lovely on boys. Sarah shares some gorgeous photos of her sons hair and her experiences of others confusing them for girls!

Bedsharing @ Gregarious Peach
This stunning pair of photos was posted earlier in the month, but I only found it a few days ago. I love co-sleeping, so this entry really makes my heart melt. Georgia and Errol take incredible photos of their children, I’d highly recommend you look through the other entries in their blog.

Playdate with Audrey and Brennan @ Blooming by the Bay
Another stunning photo-blog, I didn’t really want to choose just one entry but this one is a good all-rounder. Please do check out the other entries, Dan and Mison’s children are adorable and they take such lovely photos.

Win a Playwrap @ Coombe Mill
It might seem odd to include a competition entry, but this is a lovely prize for a baby and something I wish I’d found earlier. It looks like a giant bib for parents, with loads of fun toys to entertain your little one.

It’s my due date today! @ Emma’s Quad Diary
I’ve been following this blog for a while, Emma recently gave birth to four gorgeous little boys. Yup, you heard right, four! She has just passed her original due date and has shared some lovely photos of her little ones who are now eleven weeks old!

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