So sorry for being MIA these last three weeks or so, we’ve had a lot on our plate here which I will perhaps explain in a later post. I don’t want to discuss it here, because I’d rather talk about the more positive event that was Sprogzilla’s second birthday!

We had a quiet day as usual, I’d hoped to have a little birthday do but it had to be on the weekend as Sprogdaddy is working. My closest friend couldn’t make it due to work commitments and our only nearby relatives were on holiday. That’s what you get for being born in the summer I guess. We’ll arrange a little gathering for him over the next couple of weeks, at this age it’s not terribly important that he has a party on his actual birthday. He did get to enjoy a rather tasty chocolate caterpillar cake along with some home-made fairy cakes though.

Please forgive the terrible composition of the photo, I had one chance to grab the perfect shot and realised I hadn’t setup the camera correctly! I bought a DSLR a couple of months ago and still haven’t figured out how to use it properly. It’s quite a learning curve! Only the night before did I figure out how to keep a subject in focus when taking videos. I miss my old camera in many ways….

Being that we’re skint these days, we couldn’t afford a lot of presents, but he instantly fell in love with the huge wooden barn we bought. A couple of his presents, a slide and a playhouse, had been opened early due to the nice weather. He also got a little bike, an animal torch and a trampoline from us and a selection of books from his Auntie. The weather was awful and rained all day, but we still had a great time. I’m glad I gave him some of the outdoor toys a bit early when the sun was shining, it would have been horrible to have him open them but not be able to play.

I’m particularly proud to say I’ve now been breastfeeding for two years. The difficulties of the early days are all but forgotten and I can barely believe I nearly gave up! I’ve no idea if we’ll make it to three, that’s up to the boy.

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